Kentuckiana Trucking, Inc.

About Us

Thank you for your interest in Kentuckiana Trucking, Inc. We were incorporated in October 1979 in the state of Indiana. Our office is located in Clarksville, IN. The company is engaged in the business of for-hire trucking. Kentuckiana Trucking's primary focus is construction and bulk hauling with end dumps. We continue to invest and grow in other specialized regional haul applications.

Kentuckiana Trucking is a growing and aggressive organization. We are genuinely interested in the welfare and advancement of every member of our team.

As a company we recognize that our people are the cornerstone of our business and that God has blessed us immensely.

Mission Statement

Kentuckiana Trucking, Inc. exists to:

  • Provide our customers with the highest quality, most efficient trucking service available
  • Apply biblical principles to a financially sound, profitable and growing company that provides opportunities and financial rewards for its employees and owners
  • Give back to the community as we prosper.

Our Driver's Motto is "Dedication to Service"

Drivers at Kentuckiana Trucking are among the most experienced in the industry. They average over 8 years tenure with our company. Every driver is trained in all jobsite situations including rock spreading and soft conditions. Our drivers are also trained to be safety conscious and to obey all jobsite safety protocol. Their dedication ensures that each contractor receives safe, dependable and efficient services to assure that each job is profitable.


Safety has always been a priority at Kentuckiana Trucking. Safety for our customers, the public and our employees remains a focus in our policies and procedures.
Safe working environment
• Ongoing training
• Adherence to Federal, State and Local Safety, Health and Environmental laws and regulations
• Insist on a commitment to safety from our employees